Monday, June 25, 2007

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

hen I go several days without writing, I feel a dryness in my blood, an inadequacy, an emptiness, a hole. I have to write. It's how I make what's messy in my world clean, streamlined, and understandable. Is that sentiment melodramatic? Sure. But it's also true, as true as spicy mustard is underrated.

My name's Alex. Two months ago, I graduated from Emory University with a major in Creative Writing and Unemployment. I currently live in my parents' house in Germantown, TN. Nice bed. HBO On Demand. Rent-free. But far from Hollywood.

Not that I have to go to Hollywood, but like every writer who's ever closed his eyes and pictured his name on a book jacket or a movie screen, I dream of something bigger. I dream of ex-girlfriends paging through my bestseller at Borders. I dream of thanking my mom while oh-so-smoothly accepting an Oscar. I dream of making self-deprecating speeches to my high school and college Alma maters. I dream, I dream, I dream. Sometimes it's enough to temporarily forget that I have to write first. Those dreams might very well go unrealized, but I'll always have a pen, a piece of a paper, and that dryness in the blood to keep me going.

And, I hope, this blog. Twice a week, I will contribute a mix of original creative material (short stories, poems, slice-of-life personal columns) and postings of my own day-to-day experiences as an aspiring writer, whether it be please-give-me-a-chance interactions with alternative weeklies or informative conversations with Emory alums who've "made it" in Hollywood. I plan to avoid merely reacting to other peoples' stories; I want to write my own.

Hopefully this blog will succeed in entertaining readers while providing a community for other young aspiring writers. After all, I know I'm not the only one waiting to hear editorial responses from the crapshoots that define random literary magazines and screenplay competitions.

I plan to treat this blog as a real job, because, well, I don't have a full-time gig. I work part-time at a used bookstore, helping little old ladies sort through literary classics like this one:

But that's a story for another day.

Here's to some happy writing. Stay tuned.



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