Sunday, September 23, 2007

Breaking Up With Facebook for a Week, Part I

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an experiment:

So it's come to this: me skimming a Facebook discussion board called "Marriage Rocks!" How's it come to this? I'm not getting hitched anytime soon, so I shouldn't be reading about young wives who've gained weight since their honeymoons. But still I click. And click. And click. It's a compulsion, destinations of clicks be damned.

Now I focus on "Marriage Rocks!", but earlier I look at my News Feed and its breaking stories: "Jessica Weir is wondering why her puppy had to die on Yom Kippur...Calvin Wynn added "sex" to his interests." And so I click. Through photo albums of parties I've missed and friends I've forgotten. And click. Through profiles of people I don't even like. A few seconds here, a few minutes there, an hour, two hours. Click. Click. Click!

Dammit. Enough clicking. I need a break.

Facebook has grown from a small social network into a sprawling forty-million-member everybody-knows-what-everybody's-doing monster. A rather benevolent monster, but a monster nonetheless.

Today, I make the pledge to take a one-week vacation from the site that tells me Calvin Wynn likes sex.

On Thursday, I'll blog about how I've used the suddenly-free hours and minutes of my life. If I were traveling or working heavy hours, escaping Facebook's grasp wouldn't be so difficult. But as it is, I'm recovering from a short hospital visit. I'm hobbled. I'm slow. I'm in-between things. I'm perfect Facebook material, or so Mark Zuckerberg thinks.

My one-week vacation from Facebook begins right now, and anybody reading this blog is welcome to join me in this little revolution. A week is all I ask. The average Facebook user spends hours a month on the site. How about we spend those hours, I don't know, calling our buddies instead of writing on their walls? Or voluntarily losing track of "friends" who aren't really our friends? Or something, anything else?

If you're with me, let me know in the comments section.


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Michael said...


Vinita said...

I absolutely agree. Thanks for that post. I'm doing this for one week. Trying. I'm going to keep remindng myself of other things that need to get done.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i shut down my facebook account. I had 265 friends , i deleted 115 that are pissing me off. then I recognized the other 150 could call me if they want something from me.
I know at least 3 people that did the same and they are hot in the real world.

Aga said...

hey, I did the same thing as anonymous. And I am so happy and free. And I gained loads of time I spend now on painting. And without a doubt I am hotter than my ex-facebook profile:)