Sunday, October 28, 2007

Travelogue #3: Chum, Chum, Chum!

October 28 2007

Last night at an apartment party, a Korean woman who works at Seoul Language Institute taught me how to play a traditional game called "chum chum chum." As is true with anything involving adults and balloons, alcohol was involved.

To play chum chum chum, one person points his finger one direction, then deeper in the same direction, and finally, towards the same or opposite direction. During this pointing, the other player nods her head towards the outstretched finger, until the third time where she must guess which direction to point her head. Both players chant chum, chum, chum with each point and nod.

In the end, the nodder must nod in the opposite direction to where the finger points; if she doesn't, she's the loser.

The winner gets the privilege of smacking the loser across the head with a balloon.

I smacked a balloon across the head of a Korean colleague at SLI. She closed her eyes tight upon impact, but I was gentle.

Chum. Chum. Chum!


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