Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Travelogue #8: Come, Norebang with Me

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November 2 2007

Irony just doesn't cut it at a norebang (private karaoke room).

Forget your so-bad-it's-good rendition of "Strawberry Wine" and bring your funk and bring it good. Be earnest. Be passionate. Want it. It's not a joke if you bumble through your lines; it's a defeat. Six or seven of your friends, friends-of-friends, and drinking mates watch your every move not because they really want to hear you sing; no, they're watching because they're waiting for their turn. They want it, and when they get the chance, they won't hold back. And neither should you.

Last night this girl and I wanted it. I don't quite remember her name, but I remember her voice: what it lacked in range, it made up for in volume. She smelled like smoke. Her friend was a guy in a suit with a funky-cool hairstyle. I think he had earrings. He looked like the guy who arranges concert dates for The Bravery. These two characters formed part of my Norebang company; the rest of the veritable barbershop quartet were fellow teachers and a Korean-American guy who sunk his vibrato into Dookie-era Green Day.

The room was all shiny tiles, huge speakers, illuminate tambourines, microphones, and a widescreen tv featuring ever-so-on-message videos featuring Korean actors dancing in the snow and doing acrobatic moves in a bed of flowers. On a coffee table lay cans of beer, bottles of soju, and a remote panel where you get to dial in your tunes.

My tune was Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Otherside," a song I previously performed in the year 2000 to an ecstactic crowd at Lausanne Collegiate School.

How long, how long, will I slide! Separate my side!

I nailed it. I gave my new female friend a high five, even though her voice got a little fuzzy in the third verse. No matter. We weren't shy. We weren't bashful.

That's how you do Norebang right.

And that's why nobody does norebang sober.

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Anonymous said...

Karaoke is only for the strong and drunk. You've got balls, Alex. :)