Monday, January 21, 2008

Travelogue #22: Busy Season/ A Look Back and A Look Ahead

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It's hard to believe I've been in Korea for three months, but I'm believing it because I don't got time to be pre-emptively nostalgic. It's still "busy season", which means we teachers are spending eleven hours a day at the academy parting English lessons on to the kiddies. Busy busy busy. Last week was especially rough: an office-wide virus left the majority of my co-workers, myself included, drained and sick. Luckily there's only a week and a half until we're all back to our lax 4pm-11pm schedule. I'm excited for that return to routine.

Random notes:

- A Korean teacher at work has generously offered to give me Korean lessons. In addition, I've started studying a bit on my own, sounding out any random restaurant sign. I can now "read" in Korean, though I do so slowly and have little clue of the words that are coming out of my mouth. Still, just recognizing these once completely unfamiliar symbols is making me feel more settled in this country. That's a good feeling.

- I'm going to Beijing for Chinese New Year! Taking a full-fledged tour! I'm pumped, and looking forward to writing about the trip for this blog.

- The January rush caught up with me to the point where I don't have a new all-out story ready for this Sunday blog. As a result, I've decided to use this space for two glimpses of video from my time here, one from my first week in October,

the other from early January on the way to Itaewon.

I see most of the faces in these videos every day.

P.S. If it sounds like I'm being a jerk and teasing Koreans in the last line of the vid, that wasn't my intention. The girls I'm talking about are Janet ( a good friend) and EunJin (David's girlfriend). I was trying to be light-hearted! Right after I stopped filming though, David just shook his head at me. I guess the joke felt flat.

And now it's memorialized on my blog.

It's cool to speak Korean, people!

We're in Korea!

<---Travelogue #21: Misadventures in Seoul on New Year's Eve, Part 2
--->Travelogue #23: The Day I Introduced Korean Kids to Fruit Loops


Anonymous said...

Your blog posts just get better and better! It is awesome to see you're having such a good time, Alex!


Alex Pollack said...

Hi Jan, great to see that you're still reading! I appreciate it! Hope life in Memphis is going well. Next time you stop by Book Traders, look for my friend Adam, he usually works the night shifts.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I can't believe you mentioned Adam. The other night I was at Book Traders and noticed a guy putting books on the shelves and I finally commented to him, "You remind me of Alex, a guy that used to work here". He smiled and said you were a friend of his and told me you guys went to school together. He then asked if I knew you were in Korea and whether or not I read your blog. Ha! I told him that I checked your site daily, awaiting the latest "Excellent Adventure" in the life of Alex.

Don't know if you know it or not, but Mik and Angela are expecting a baby; quite a surprise for both of them! Needless to say, Mik is perusing all the pre-natal, birthing and "how to raise a kid" books these days. LOL

I love the addition of videos to your blog! Keep posting and I'll continue to be one of you biggest blog fans!


Natarsha said...

This regular schedule is not so bad. I really enjoyed classes today. They went by so fast.