Monday, March 31, 2008

Travelogue Break: R.I.P. The Hub

I want to take a break from this regularly-scheduled travelogue to acknowledge the passing of The Hub, the former newsmagazine supplement of the Emory Wheel.

From 2005 to 2007, I wrote columns for that mag, covering everything from turning 21 and mourning the loss of a fake ID to living with a gay roommate who didn't do his laundry.

I don't have a passion for traditional reporting, but I do have a passion for personal writing, something that The Hub allowed me to pursue. I won't forget the giddy kick I got out of sitting in a campus shuttle and finding a stranger flipping through the mag and finding my article. I suppose one of the reasons I started this blog was to bottle that feeling, though I can't lie, there's something special about printed word on a printed page that this blog can't quite capture...

So that's why I already miss The Hub. I'm grateful for the opportunities the magazine presented me and regret that it won't be around to service future campus writers. The reason for its end is a simple one: it didn't make money. That makes me a little sad, and not solely for selfish reasons, for I thought the rest of the magazine's content was rewarding and well-written. If you're curious, you can see for yourself here. You'll find an archive of the ten issues; I contributed to nine of them.

Here's hoping a similar publication appears on the Emory campus sometime soon to give more writers, and for that matter, readers, that gloriously giddy kick.

A Former Hub Writer's Blog
Innocence Abroad: yet another american expatriate english teacher

My Hub Columns
October 2005 "Love Online? LOL": Our friendship died when it entered the real world...

December 2005 "Dead Ends": Confessions of a former rapper (and baller and novelist and...)

March 2006 "Guessing Game": What do musical preferences say about your sexuality?

May 2006 "The Thrill is Gone, Baby": When it comes to drinking alcohol, it's no fun to act your age

October 2006 "Spreading Love Too Thin": Are college students destroying a word through overuse?

December 2006 "Three's Company": Me, my roommate, and the elephant in the room

March 2007 "Shalom, Snoop": The Holy City rocks out to American pop music

May 2007 "Graduating to Unemployment": In the words of Joey Lawrence: Whoa, the future is scary.

December 2007 "Tour de Korea": Lance Armstrong I'm not. But in South Korea, I Rediscovered My Bike.


Plocher said...
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Plocher said...

Even the mighty Wheel couldn't keep a student magazine alive. A tragic trend in Emory's publishing history.

That "shit, I'm not in college anymore and will never be again, ever" feeling just got a lot stronger with the death of our magazine, Alex.