Saturday, March 1, 2008

We'll be right back!

My next post probably won't be ready until Tuesday. I'm going on a trip to Fukuoka, Japan this weekend, and I likely won't have computer access.

I try to religiously maintain my Sunday postings, so please excuse this week's delay!

Thanks for reading.

Unrelated Post: I wasn't too happy to see Michael Clayton get Oscar attention. I ranted about that flick in the last blog entry I posted before I left for Korea.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Michael Clayton last night and your review was dead on. Are we really to believe the brilliantly diabolical corp is willing to kill its two biggest opponents by suspicious and not too subtle means. And how can you give an oscar to Tilda Swinson for 10 total minutes of screen time. They should have just called Syriana II.