Thursday, October 23, 2008

Travelogue #56: The End Is The Beginning Is The End, Part I

It's 4:28am.

I should be sleeping. I need to be ready at 6am for the hour-long bus ride to the airport. My bags are packed as tight as...well, it's too late and my mind is too not here to come up with an appropriately sound analogy.

Tonight I said goodbye to the friends I've made in Korea. We ate samgyopsal. We sang norebang. There were hugs. Even some tears. Context will come later. Later I will wrap up this travelogue that I started one year ago.

I will wrap things up in the coming days, and I will do so...

at home.

America, here I come.



Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in Memphis, reading Alex's post that is dated October 23 and it's October 22 here. This is weird. ;~)

Anonymous said...

Come back, already.....

Liz said...

Hello, Pollack ! You finally went to USA. It was not long time that you were in my class. But you were very great teacher. Do you remember that I asked you about how can I improve my pronounciation. Then you answered the pronounciation is not a matter. On that day, I got some braveness. Thank you ! I'll visit here often! I'll expect you to post many writings! Byebye!


Anonymous said...

alex !!
i miss you :(


Mike said...

Farewell and bon voyage Pollack!
Korea is missing it's Music.
We'll get a tribute up to you on your 2nd home online soon.

kelly ogles said...

Alex, I have enjoyed your writing and adventures over the past year. Thanks for including photos and keeping your blog up to date. I sure enjoyed seeing my son and would plead with him to update his blog. Hopefully, you will get this printed and bound as a book. You have some great stories. Best of luck with your future and keep in touch with Dave.

Kelly Ogles
Dave's mom