Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vote for Me.......OR ELSE!

2-21-09- Voting is now over. With your support, Writing The Ship made the top ten blogs! The winner of the competition will be announced on April 3rd.

Thank you for your support!

Dear friends/readers/readers-who-I-

I am not writing you today to sell you a Sham-Wow; I'm writing because, hopefully, you've found something you've enjoyed in the past year on Writing The Ship: Travelogue Diaries of An English Teacher in Korea. For those of you I haven't spoken/written to recently, I returned to America in October, and since then I've applied to grad school and bought a used car. (If you see a 1997 Toyota Camry on the road, watch out, friend-o.) I'm still writing, though I have not yet decided in which direction my blog will go in the future.

Speaking of this ole' thing, it's currently in a competition (yep, apparently such a thing exists!) on I would like to humbly ask for your vote - the winner of the competition gets a crack at having his or her blog made into a movie! It might be a longshot (hell, it IS a longshot), but I'd greatly appreciate your support to barack the vote in my favor. (Sorry. That was shameless.) (Also: I asked something similar back in July 2008, but now it's the semifinals!)

After registering first at, the voting site is I'm sorry for the little registration huballoo. I hope it won't put you off too much; if it does, let me know in as vulgar of language as you'd like.

Much thanks and best wishes, and if you tell your friends, I'll get you a part in the movie! *

*offer not legally binding

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