Saturday, October 20, 2012

I hope you're still reading, because I'm still writing.

Five years ago,  I was getting ready to move to Bundang, South Korea. I was nervous-excited and excited-nervous. What would I think of the food? What would I think of the people? How much would I miss my family and my friends? I was twenty-two years old, fresh out of college. I thought by traveling so far away from home, I was showing that I was a man, but looking back, I see a boy in the entries I wrote on this blog in October 2007-October 2008. I was growing up, sure, but I was also living in a fantasy world where my biggest concern was whether to eat jayookdopbop or dakgalbi for dinner.

Oh, Lord, how I miss dakgalbi. And the friends I'd made. And dakgalbi.

Today, I live seven thousand and twenty-nine miles away from Bundang, South Korea.

However, don't cry for me, Argentina. Knoxville, TN has two Korean restaurants, one of which is stellar.

Anyway, if you've enjoyed reading my blog entries, I hope you'll follow me as I continue writing for various places on the web. Here are my two most recent publications.

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